Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Cleaning

Smoke and soot damage due to a fire at a commercial facility happens very frequently. This before and after picture set is an example that illustrates the laye... READ MORE

Flood water into commercial building

This client had rain water build up in their parking lot from a clogged storm drain. The rain water became contaminated from grease and oil in the parking lot ... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

This client had some blood stains and was worried they would have to replace the carpet, along with several other rooms that matched within the apartment. We w... READ MORE

Vandalism Cleanup of fire extinguisher dust

This client had a tenant vandalize their property with a fire extinguisher, which left a very large mess. There was fine white/green dust throughout the entire... READ MORE

Vandalism from drug needles / trash

This client had illegal trespassing from criminals who left piles of trash and medical needles. As with most clients, they had no idea what to do and felt like... READ MORE

Post construction cleaning

This customer had dust and debris in their pond after they had a contractor perform a remodel to their home. The customer was fearing that they would need to r... READ MORE