Photo Gallery

Containment in house

Mold Job Containment

We want to protect you from the mold, that's where containments come in! It keeps the mold in and you out. 

Crew masked up and posing

Masked Up

Our crew keeps their masks on for the entire job to protect you and us! 

Floor Removal

Tile Floor Removal

Removing hardwood flooring due to water damage.

Fire / Smoke Damage

Here at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom we understand how devastating fire and smoke damage can be to your business or home.  Our extensively trained crews have completed thousands of jobs and know what it takes to make your property "Like it never even happened." No matter what the size of job, our very experienced team is "Ready to help."  We have crews and managers on-call 24 hours a day, every single day, including all holidays.

Large Commercial Jobs

Here at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom we have performed thousands of jobs.  These can range from a single room residential job, to several floors of a commercial high rise building.  No matter what the size of job, our very experienced team is "Ready to help."  We have crews and managers on-call 24 hours a day, every single day, including all holidays.

Flooded commercial basement

Here at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom, damages to your business from fire/smoke or water/flood or mold can create major disruptions.  Knowing to call the professional team at SERVPRO is the first step to recovery.  Our extensively trained crews have been on thousands of job sites and know how to address each unique situation.  Our goal is to address all customer needs, while making the damage "Like it never even happened."

Mold behind cabinets

Here at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom, we understand mold growth in your business or home can be overwhelming to our customers.  Knowing to call the industry leaders at SERVPRO can make all the difference.  Our experienced team members have been on thousands of job sites and know how to address each unique situation.  Most importantly, our team members understand the stress our customers are experiencing.

We are ready to respond to your property damage needs 24 hours a day, including all holidays.

Latest Technology

Here at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom, we understand our restoration industry is constantly evolving.  It is our responsibility as the industry leader to utilize the latest technology to provide our customers with the best possible service.

This picture illustrates a thermal imaging camera showing the differences in surface temperatures of materials.  This tool is very effective in looking at large areas, or hard to reach areas, in a short period of time.  Once there are differences observed, our trained professionals know to focus on the area with more sensitive moisture meters to determine if the material is wet or not.

Office Flooded

Here at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom, we understand water damage to your business can be devastating.  The interruption to your operation can cause multiple problems and even put some companies out of business.  Choosing the best restoration company can reduce your exposure significantly.

Our team of well training professionals is ready 24 hours a day, including all holidays.

Commercial water damage in an office

This client had a fire sprinkler fail and flood their office building.  This photo illustrates how much water is being removed from the glued down carpet.  The client was able to continue their business during the drying process and they were back to normal in 48 hours.

Water damage into a commercial building

This client had a broken sprinkler in their lawn flood their building.  The excess water entered the building under the front door and flooded about 3000 sq feet of offices and bathrooms.  Water damages can be devastating to a commercial building due to business interruption.  Knowing to call the experts at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom can mean the difference that between reopening the business doors and never opening the doors again.

Water damage behind wallpaper

This customer had a roof leak which allowed water to run down inside their wall behind their wallpaper.  They were not even aware of the roof leak until their wallpaper started to peel away from the drywall.  The customer knew to call the experts at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom for help.  The well trained crew had the wall dried in 48 hours.

Mold in a closet

Mold can be very destructive in almost any structure.  In this situation, the customer was storing boxes in a closet.  After moving the boxes, they realized they had a major mold problem from a flood 6 months ago.  The customer thought they took care of the problem themselves, but didn't realize the water travel through the wall in a closet.  Knowing to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom, would have made a major difference in the original water damage.

Rain storm flooding of structure

A heavy rain storm flooded this commercial building, due to a clogged storm drain.  The flood water was 4 feet deep which caused the water to reach the building.  The water entered under the front door and flooded about 4000 sq feet of showroom and office space.  The entire area needed to be packed out into storage containers, water extracted,  then demolition and drying equipment.  It was a major problem for the client and SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom there to help.

Mold in a school classroom

This client had discovered significant mold growth behind some baseboards when they decided to remodel one of their classrooms at their elementary school.  They knew to call the experts at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom for professional help.  During the inspection, the project manager discovered there was a leaking pipe in the wall.  Our well trained crew fixed the pipe, completed the mold remediation and prevented cross contamination to the rest of the classroom.  Additionally, the crews finished the work in 48 hours so the school could complete the repairs before the school year started.  The school was very appreciative and the teacher sent a special thank you card.

Commercial roof tarping during a wind and rain storm

This commercial building suffered significant roof failure from 50+ mph winds.  Heavy rains then flooded the warehouse below.  With more days of rain forecasted, the roof needed to be tarped to prevent further water intrusion.  This roof tarping was more than 100' long and 150' wide.  With the continuing high winds, sand bags and wood were necessary to hold the tarps down.  The experienced crews  and managers at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom knew how to safely handle the situation and prevent further damage.  Their actions also allowed the client to get back into their building sooner so they could resume business.

Storm damage in a warehouse ceiling

Commercial buildings often have additional steps and considerations, compared to a residential building.  This photo illustrates a large warehouse, with a high ceiling and a significant amount of contents.

     The contents need to be inspected for water damage, assessed to determine if they can be dried, relocated to prevent further damage and monitored while they are drying (so they don't become too dry and cause damage).  Other contents that are deemed to not be restorable, require a thorough inventory and disposal.

     High ceilings in a commercial building also present specific concerns.  Large commercial equipment, scissor lifts, forklifts and scaffolding, are common practices to reach high ceiling to remove wet insulation, drop ceilings and install drying equipment to reach wet materials.

Smoke damage in attic

Even when the fire is put out, there are often significant damages due to visible soot and soot odors.  Our team at SERVPRO has special training to identify, plan and clean after a fire or smoke damage.  This includes certifications, has-on training, supervision and continued training.

Fire damage can be extensive

When fire or smoke damages occur, the extent of the cleanup can be very overwhelming.  On every fire damage job items need to be evaluated to determine if they can be salvaged.  Special considerations need to be addressed like soot penetration, residual smoke odors and visible staining.  Smoke odors are often the most important part of the job so the customer does not relive the disaster.

Commercial Water Damage Equipment

Our team specializes in Large Loss Commercial jobs.  When water damages, floods, pipes break or fire sprinklers discharge our crews are ready for an immediate response.  Time is critical when business is interrupted.  

Rain storm in storage warehouse

This storage warehouse had part of their roof blow off during a wind a rain storm.  Our experienced SERVPRO crews responded quickly to prevent further damage and allow their customers contents to remain safe and undamaged.

Mold in Bedroom Closet

This is a good example of what can happen when water damage is untreated.  This customer wiped up the water from a broken pipe in the hallway bathroom, but didn't realize the water soaked through into the Bedroom Closet.  Knowing to call the expert team at SERVPRO would have dramatically changed the coarse and cost of this cleanup.

Commercial Large Loss Equipment

Often times commercial jobs require large commercial equipment, like desiccant dehumidifiers, generators and on-site dumpsters.  The experienced professionals at SERVPRO know how to use this equipment to prevent or limit your business interruption.  Most businesses that shut down for significant periods of time due to a disaster, never open their doors again.  

Commercial Large Loss Reponse

When a Commercial Large Loss occurs, SERVPRO is immediately ready with what ever resources you need.  Our experienced and professionally trained team can step in to help your business survive your disaster.

Fire on the side of a house

This fire started on the side of a house and moved into the house.  Fire is very destructive physically and mentally.  The experiences team here at SERVPRO understand that they are not only working to cleanup the physical damage, they are also there to help the homeowner move on from the trauma and look forward to getting back to their normal lives.

Roof leaks from rain storm

Roof often leak after heavy wind and rain storms.  The damage to your home, property or business can be devastating.  Knowing to call the experts at SERVPRO can dramatically reduce your time out of your house, or out of business.

Temporary Office Setup

Businesses often cannot stop for a catastrophe.  Our experienced crews at SERVPRO are ready for any size disaster.  In this situation our team setup a temporary office, with electricity, telephone lines, fax lines and air conditioning.

Large roof tarping

This warehouse suffered a large roof failure during a rain and wind storm.  The customer knew to call the experts at SERVPRO to prevent catastrophic damage to their facility and contents.

Mold inside wall cavity

Mold contamination can be much worse on the inside of a wall cavity, compared to the outside.  Often times, homeowners don't know to call the experts at SERVPRO and only consider what they can see with their eyes.  Our professionally trained crews use moisture meters, thermal-hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras to locate moisture to prevent further damage.

Mold under Kitchen sink

This customer found a leaking faucet under their Kitchen sink.  Since the cabinet allowed the area to remain undetected, the mold was able to continue to grow and destroyed their cabinet, insulation and drywall.  The experience of SERVPRO trained crews can minimize the contamination and cost of the mold remediation and subsequent repairs.

Mold in wall cavity

This customer had water intrusion from the outside of their house and into their wall cavity.  This was completely undetected until their interior drywall was removed from a separate water damage inside.  Situations like this require the expert crews SERVPRO to prevent cross contamination to the rest of the house.

Water damage in a commercial building

The water damage in this commercial office came from a broken pipe in the ceiling.  This cause a massive amount of damage to the ceiling tiles, insulation, walls, desks, file cabinets and carpet below.  The experience and professionalism of the crews at SERVPRO can be trusted to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Broken supply line behind the toilet

This broken supply line to a toilet is an example of a common cause of water damage.  These types of breaks can release up to 6 gallons per minute of water into your home, property or business.  A quick response by the expert team here at SERVPRO is critical to limiting the damage.

Water extraction from wood flooring

Water extraction, or removal, is the most efficient way to begin the water mitigation process.  Having the right professional equipment and trained crews is critical.  The expert crews at SERVPRO get called regularly to fix jobs gone wrong by homeowners or property owners that are in over their heads.

Water damage from upstairs bathroom

Water can be very destructive, especially when it happens upstairs.  This photos shows water penetrating from the floor upstairs, into the ceiling downstairs.  The experienced crews at SERVPRO understand how the water migrates and the importance of getting the problem completely surrounded.  Professionally trained crews are absolutely a must when damages like this occur. 

Fire damage from an oven

Fire damage can happen from almost any appliance.  This one was from an oven in a home.  This caused damage to the drywall, cabinets and flooring.  The rest of the home had significant amounts of soot, which the experts at SERVPRO mitigated so repairs could begin quickly.  The sooner the homeowner can move on with repairs, the sooner the devastating experience can be put behind them.

SERVPRO Building

This is our brand new building, with 17,000 sq. ft. and a secured 18,000 sq. ft. paved yard.  It is brand new and beautiful!  It includes 3000 sq ft of office (including a break room, conference room and cleaning room).

SERVPRO Warehouse

This is one of the sections of our new warehouse.  In the foreground, displayed is some of our vehicles, water damage equipment, specialty drying equipment, soot cleaning tools and mold remediation equipment.  

Ozone Chamber

This is our new commercial sized ozone chamber, with 2300 cu. ft. of space for cleaning and deodorization of furniture, rugs and contents.  This room is used for cleaning heavily odored contents as well, so that the odors do not travel through the rest of the warehouse.


Our new building has a beautiful office to welcome customers and clients.  We have a reception desk, six work stations, six private offices, a large conference room, cabinet/counter top work area and break room. 

Inspection Services

This customer had a fire on the weekend and needed an immediate assessment of their house.  We responded within the hour and provided the expertise the customer needed.  Time is always a factor when helping our customers.

Vandalism cleanup from fire extinguisher

This client had a tenant abuse their hotel room with a fire extinguisher.  The hotel was overwhelmed and did not know what to do, so they called SERVPRO.  In less than a day, SERVPRO had the entire room cleaned and ready to rent that night! The client was very pleased that they would no longer be losing business.

Vandalism from needles and trash

This client had illegal trespassing from criminals who left piles of trash and medical needles.  This was a potentially dangerous situation for the client and they asked the experts at SERVPRO to help them out.  Our experienced and certified team safely removed and discarded the trash and medical needles, according to state, county and city regulations.  The client was very relieved since their potentially dangerous situation was resolved quickly and professionally.