Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Containment in house

Mold Job Containment

We want to protect you from the mold, that's where containments come in! It keeps the mold in and you out. 

Mold in a closet

Mold can be very destructive in almost any structure.  In this situation, the customer was storing boxes in a closet.  After moving the boxes, they realized they had a major mold problem from a flood 6 months ago.  The customer thought they took care of the problem themselves, but didn't realize the water travel through the wall in a closet.  Knowing to call the professionals at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom, would have made a major difference in the original water damage.

Mold in a school classroom

This client had discovered significant mold growth behind some baseboards when they decided to remodel one of their classrooms at their elementary school.  They knew to call the experts at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom for professional help.  During the inspection, the project manager discovered there was a leaking pipe in the wall.  Our well trained crew fixed the pipe, completed the mold remediation and prevented cross contamination to the rest of the classroom.  Additionally, the crews finished the work in 48 hours so the school could complete the repairs before the school year started.  The school was very appreciative and the teacher sent a special thank you card.

Mold in Bedroom Closet

This is a good example of what can happen when water damage is untreated.  This customer wiped up the water from a broken pipe in the hallway bathroom, but didn't realize the water soaked through into the Bedroom Closet.  Knowing to call the expert team at SERVPRO would have dramatically changed the coarse and cost of this cleanup.

Mold inside wall cavity

Mold contamination can be much worse on the inside of a wall cavity, compared to the outside.  Often times, homeowners don't know to call the experts at SERVPRO and only consider what they can see with their eyes.  Our professionally trained crews use moisture meters, thermal-hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras to locate moisture to prevent further damage.

Mold under Kitchen sink

This customer found a leaking faucet under their Kitchen sink.  Since the cabinet allowed the area to remain undetected, the mold was able to continue to grow and destroyed their cabinet, insulation and drywall.  The experience of SERVPRO trained crews can minimize the contamination and cost of the mold remediation and subsequent repairs.

Mold in wall cavity

This customer had water intrusion from the outside of their house and into their wall cavity.  This was completely undetected until their interior drywall was removed from a separate water damage inside.  Situations like this require the expert crews SERVPRO to prevent cross contamination to the rest of the house.