Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Smoke damage in attic

Even when the fire is put out, there are often significant damages due to visible soot and soot odors.  Our team at SERVPRO has special training to identify, plan and clean after a fire or smoke damage.  This includes certifications, has-on training, supervision and continued training.

Fire damage can be extensive

When fire or smoke damages occur, the extent of the cleanup can be very overwhelming.  On every fire damage job items need to be evaluated to determine if they can be salvaged.  Special considerations need to be addressed like soot penetration, residual smoke odors and visible staining.  Smoke odors are often the most important part of the job so the customer does not relive the disaster.

Fire on the side of a house

This fire started on the side of a house and moved into the house.  Fire is very destructive physically and mentally.  The experiences team here at SERVPRO understand that they are not only working to cleanup the physical damage, they are also there to help the homeowner move on from the trauma and look forward to getting back to their normal lives.

Fire damage from an oven

Fire damage can happen from almost any appliance.  This one was from an oven in a home.  This caused damage to the drywall, cabinets and flooring.  The rest of the home had significant amounts of soot, which the experts at SERVPRO mitigated so repairs could begin quickly.  The sooner the homeowner can move on with repairs, the sooner the devastating experience can be put behind them.

Ozone Chamber

This is our new commercial sized ozone chamber, with 2300 cu. ft. of space for cleaning and deodorization of furniture, rugs and contents.  This room is used for cleaning heavily odored contents as well, so that the odors do not travel through the rest of the warehouse.

Inspection Services

This customer had a fire on the weekend and needed an immediate assessment of their house.  We responded within the hour and provided the expertise the customer needed.  Time is always a factor when helping our customers.