Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floor Removal

Tile Floor Removal

Removing hardwood flooring due to water damage.

Water damage into a commercial building

This client had a broken sprinkler in their lawn flood their building.  The excess water entered the building under the front door and flooded about 3000 sq feet of offices and bathrooms.  Water damages can be devastating to a commercial building due to business interruption.  Knowing to call the experts at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom can mean the difference that between reopening the business doors and never opening the doors again.

Water damage behind wallpaper

This customer had a roof leak which allowed water to run down inside their wall behind their wallpaper.  They were not even aware of the roof leak until their wallpaper started to peel away from the drywall.  The customer knew to call the experts at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom for help.  The well trained crew had the wall dried in 48 hours.

Water damage in a commercial building

The water damage in this commercial office came from a broken pipe in the ceiling.  This cause a massive amount of damage to the ceiling tiles, insulation, walls, desks, file cabinets and carpet below.  The experience and professionalism of the crews at SERVPRO can be trusted to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Broken supply line behind the toilet

This broken supply line to a toilet is an example of a common cause of water damage.  These types of breaks can release up to 6 gallons per minute of water into your home, property or business.  A quick response by the expert team here at SERVPRO is critical to limiting the damage.

Water extraction from wood flooring

Water extraction, or removal, is the most efficient way to begin the water mitigation process.  Having the right professional equipment and trained crews is critical.  The expert crews at SERVPRO get called regularly to fix jobs gone wrong by homeowners or property owners that are in over their heads.

Water damage from upstairs bathroom

Water can be very destructive, especially when it happens upstairs.  This photos shows water penetrating from the floor upstairs, into the ceiling downstairs.  The experienced crews at SERVPRO understand how the water migrates and the importance of getting the problem completely surrounded.  Professionally trained crews are absolutely a must when damages like this occur.